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What Every Scout In Troop 16 Needs

A scout's safety and enjoyment at any troop activity begins with having proper equipment. 
The following is a list of useful and necessary items:
  • Scout Uniform
    • scout shirt with correct patches
    • scout pants
    • scout socks
    • scout web belt
    • scout hat/cap
    • scout neckerchief and slide
    • scout handbook
  • sleeping bag - rated for zero degrees
  • foam sleeping pad
  • backpack
  • good head-to-toe rain gear.  At minimum, a heavy weight poncho
  • Hiking Boots - waterproof, comfortable, proper fitting
  • mess kit and reusable utensils (spoon, fork, knife)
  • good quality 2 D-cell flashlight
  • scout knife
  • water bottle or canteen
  • long underwear (NOT cotton)
  • compass
For uniforms and other scouting items, kindly check out the official BSA retail website -- -- for a list of local scout shops in the area.
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